🔧Self Hosting

Hypercast instances can be self-hosted in a matter of minutes using Cloudflare.

Hypercast runs on Cloudflare, so if you don't have an account, set one up first. You'll also need to install their CLI tool wrangler andl log in.

Creating your instance

This is all the code it takes to run a simple instance:

import { Operator } from 'hypercast/server'
export { Hypercast } from 'hypercast/server'
export default new Operator()

To deploy to Cloudflare, you'll also need a wrangler.toml config file.

name = "my-hypercast"
main = "src/index.ts"

account_id = 'abcdefg1234567'
compatibility_date = "2022-12-03"

  bindings = [
    { name = "hypercasts", class_name = "Hypercast" }

  tag = "init_hypercast"
  new_classes = ["Hypercast"]

With that, simply run wrangler publish.

Connecting to your instance

To connect a Hypercast client to your server instance, we'll need it's URL.

import { Operator, Hypercast } from 'hypercast/client'

const operator = new Operator('https://my-hypercast.org.workers.dev')

// or

const hypercast = new Hypercast(topic, 'https://my-hypercast.org.workers.dev')

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